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Our camps keep your kiddos active and having fun during school breaks and weekends!

Day Camps for Kids in Brentwood

Play games, do crafts, and have fun with your friends!
Our weeklong camps run Monday -Friday from 9am-12pm for ages 3-9
Our One-Day Camps are from 9-11 am for ages 3-6

Messy Week

June 10-June 14 9AM-12PM

🎨🌈 Get Ready for Messy Week Kids Camp ages 3-9 🎉🎨

Calling all young artists and adventurers! Prepare to dive into a world of messy fun at our thrilling Messy Week Kids Camp! Let imaginations run wild as we embrace the joy of creativity, exploration, and getting delightfully messy!

🎉 Camp Highlights:

1️⃣ Sensory Art Activities: Dive into a rainbow of colors and textures with messy art projects! From finger painting and splatter art to slime-making and clay sculpting, unleash your creativity and create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

2️⃣ Messy Science Experiments: Discover the magic of science through hands-on messy experiments.

3️⃣Messy Crafts: Let your imagination soar with messy crafts that incorporate unconventional materials. Build clay sculptures, create textured collages, and design tie-dye masterpieces.

4️⃣Messy Dress-Up Day: Embrace your messy side and come dressed in your wildest, most colorful outfits. Show off your unique style and celebrate the messiness of creativity!

Pop Up Sensory Play

Parent and Me Open Play Sessions

🌟 Dive into a world of wonder with our Pop-Up Sensory Play Sessions! 🌟 Join us for 1.5 hours of family fun, exploration, and discovery that will delight your little ones aged 10 months to 5 years. Here's what you can expect:

🎨 Sensory Stations: Stimulate your child's senses with a variety of sensory stations designed to engage and inspire. From squishy textures to vibrant colors, there's something for every little explorer to enjoy!

🚀 Open Play: Let your child's imagination soar in our open play area, where they can run, jump, and play to their heart's content. With plenty of space to roam and explore, it's the perfect opportunity for them to unleash their creativity and energy.

🔍 Discovery Activities: Spark curiosity and encourage hands-on learning with our discovery activities. From sensory bins to treasure hunts, your child will love exploring new concepts and discovering the world around them alongside you.

👩‍👧‍👦 Parent and Me Open Play: Bond with your little one as you navigate our sensory play sessions together. Our Parent and Me open play format encourages interaction and connection between parents and children, creating precious memories that last a lifetime.

Wild West Week

June 17-June 21 9AM-12PM

🎉 Join us for an exhilarating Wild West Week Camp! 🌵

Saddle up and get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with cowboy thrills, frontier adventures, and endless fun! Our Wild West Week Camp is tailored for kids who have a passion for the untamed spirit of the Old West.

🌾 Camp Highlights 🌾

1️⃣ Wild West Crafts: Create a sheriff's badge, dream catchers, a wanted poster and more!

2️⃣ Gold Rush: Embark on a thrilling gold rush expedition! Pan for gold in the sparkling streams, uncover hidden treasures, and experience the excitement of striking it rich, just like the early settlers.

3️⃣ Campfire Tales: Gather 'round the campfire and listen to captivating stories of legendary outlaws, brave lawmen, and the daring pioneers who shaped the Wild West. Let your imagination run wild as you immerse yourself in the rich history of the frontier.

4️⃣ Wild West Games: Engage in friendly competition with your fellow campers through exciting Wild West games. Test your aim with a lasso, try your hand at horseshoe throwing, and challenge your agility with a thrilling obstacle course.

Under The Big Top

June 24-June 28 9AM-12PM

🎪🤹 Step Right Up to Under The Big Top Kids Camp! 🎉🎭

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get ready to be dazzled by the magic of Under the Big Top Kids Camp! Join us under the big top for a week filled with excitement, laughter, and unforgettable circus-themed fun!

🎉 Camp Highlights:

1️⃣Fun Circus Games: Engage in entertaining circus-themed games and challenges. Test your aim with ring toss, participate in a hilarious pie-throwing contest, and try your luck at carnival-style games to win prizes.

2️⃣Circus Crafts: Dive into the world of crafting with circus-themed projects. Make your own clown costume, design colorful masks, and create circus science experiments.

3️⃣Snacks and Treats: Enjoy circus-themed snacks and treats that will tickle your taste buds. Indulge in popcorn, cotton candy, and other delightful goodies that will transport you to the enchanting world of the circus.

Swiftie Summer Jam Camp

July 8- July 12 9AM-12PM

🎶 Welcome to Swiftie Summer Jam Camp!🌟

Calling all young Swifties! Get ready for a week filled with music, magic, and marvelous memories at Swiftie Summer Jam Camp! Join us for an unforgettable adventure inspired by the one and only Taylor Swift!

Camp Highlights:

🎤Pop Star Performances: Take center stage and unleash your inner superstar as you sing and dance to your favorite Taylor Swift songs! Our talented counselors will help you shine like a true Swiftie sensation!

🎨Crafty Creations:Let your creativity run wild in our crafting corner, where you can design Taylor-inspired masterpieces to show off to your friends and family. From glittery microphones to friendship bracelets, the possibilities are endless!

🎉Swiftie Spectaculars: Wrap up the week with a Swiftie-themed extravaganza, complete with games, a dance party, and watch the Eras Tour Movie! Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Go For The Gold

July 15 - July 19 9AM-12PM

🏅🌟 Join us for Go For the Gold Olympics Camp! Let the Games Begin! 🎉🏆

Attention young athletes and sports enthusiasts! Get ready to ignite your competitive spirit and experience the thrill of Go For the Gold Olympics Camp! Join us for a week filled with sportsmanship, teamwork, and unforgettable Olympic-themed fun.

🌟 Camp Highlights:

1️⃣Olympic Sports Galore: Engage in a wide range of Olympic sports and activities. From track and field events like sprinting and long jump to team sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball, there's a sport for every young athlete to shine.

2️⃣Friendly Competitions: Showcase your skills and compete in friendly Olympic-style competitions. Experience the thrill of going for gold as you participate in relay races, hurdles, high jumps, and other exciting challenges.

3️⃣ Team Building Challenges: Foster teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie through team-building challenges. Work together to solve puzzles, navigate obstacle courses, and conquer group challenges that promote unity and friendship.

4️⃣ Olympic Crafts: Get creative with Olympic-themed crafts. Design your own medals, decorate flags, and make personalized athlete wristbands to wear during the games. Let your artistic talents shine!

5️⃣Closing Ceremony: Celebrate the camp's achievements and bid farewell with a memorable closing ceremony. Enjoy an awards ceremony, a talent showcase, and a final procession as we honor the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Mystery Week

July 22-July26 9AM-12PM

🎉 Calling all Adventurous Kids! Get Ready for an unforgettable Mystery Kids Camp! 🎉

Are you ready to embark on a camp experience like no other? Get ready for a world of surprises, creativity, and endless fun at our Mystery Kids Camp!

✨ Camp Highlights ✨

1️⃣ Mystery Challenges: Prepare to unravel thrilling mystery challenges that will test your problem-solving skills and ignite your imagination. Each day will bring a surprise mystery to solve and unlock exciting rewards!

2️⃣ Interactive Games: Get ready for a variety of interactive games that will keep you on your toes. From scavenger hunts and escape room adventures to virtual reality experiences, every day will bring a new surprise game that will leave you thrilled.

3️⃣ Creative Workshops: Unleash your artistic side with a variety of surprise workshops. From painting and sculpting to music and dance, you'll have the chance to explore different forms of creativity and unlock your hidden talents.

4️⃣ Theme Days: Experience a whirlwind of surprise theme days, where you'll step into different worlds and eras. From superhero challenges to medieval quests, each day will be a thrilling surprise that will ignite your imagination.


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