Ballet Training

Elevate your ballet skills to new heights with our pre-professional teen classes!
Discover the joy of mastery as you embark on a journey that hones your technique, refines your artistry, and unlocks your true potential

The Best Ballet Classes In Brentwood

Our pre-professional program offers individualized coaching, ensuring that every teen receives personalized attention to accelerate their growth. Experience the transformative power of tailored guidance as you progress towards mastery.

Unlock your potential with our advanced ballet classes in Brentwood, offering pre-professional ballet training for aspiring dancers of all ages. Led by seasoned instructors, our program focuses on honing technique, strength, and artistry to prepare you for a successful dance career. Join us in Brentwood to embark on a journey of growth and excellence in the world of ballet.

Ballet 3 and 4

Lay the essential building blocks for future success! Our lower-level classes focus on fundamental techniques, helping dancers develop a strong foundation. Master the basics to unlock the door to advanced levels with confidence

Requirements for Ballet 3:
Requirements for Ballet 4- All dancers must be pointe ready

Ballet 5 and 6

Beyond technique lies the true essence of mastery. Our classes not only enhance your technical skills but also nurture your artistic expression. Immerse yourself in a curriculum that values both precision and emotion, creating well-rounded dancers ready for the professional stage.

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Performing Opportunities

We're thrilled to share an exciting aspect of our dance community that truly sets us apart – our very own ballet company! At The Ballet Company of East County, we believe in providing unique and enriching opportunities for our talented dancers, and our ballet company is a testament to that commitment.

As a part of our dance family, your journey extends beyond the studio walls. Our ballet company serves as a platform for our dancers to showcase their skills, creativity, and passion for ballet, right within our community and we don't higher professionals to fill roles, all the roles are casted with our own company members! This is an incredible opportunity for your ballet dancer!


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