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Our camps keep your kiddos active and having fun during school breaks and weekends!

Day Camps for Kids in Brentwood

Play games, do crafts, and have fun with your friends!
Our weeklong camps run Monday -Friday from 9am-12pm for ages 3-9
Our One-Day Camps are from 9-11 am for ages 3-6

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Are you ready for a jam-packed adventure that fits perfectly into your busy schedule? Get ready for an action-packed 3-hour Kids Camp filled with excitement, creativity, and fun!

February 12th 9AM-12PM ages 3+


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✨ Camp Highlights ✨ February 19th 9AM- 12PM ages 3+ $60

1️⃣ Adventure Stations: Dive into a world of adventure with a variety of thrilling stations. From obstacle courses and mini-games to arts and crafts and interactive challenges, each station will bring a unique surprise that will keep you engaged and entertained.

2️⃣ Creative Crafts: Unleash your imagination with surprise arts and crafts activities. From painting and sculpting to DIY projects and personalized crafts, you'll have the opportunity to create something special to take home and cherish.

3️⃣ Fun Games: Get ready for a burst of energy with surprise games that will keep you on your toes. From relay races and team-building activities to interactive challenges and brain teasers, each game will bring excitement and friendly competition

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Bella Bunny 1-Day Camp

February 24th 9AM-11AM ages 3-6

1️⃣ Meet Bella Bunny 🐇

2️⃣ Hear her enchanting story 📖

3️⃣ Dance and groove to bunny beats 💃🐾

4️⃣ Get creative with a Bella Bunny craft 🎨

5️⃣ Every camper takes home a special Bella Bunny Book! 📚🎁

$65 per camper

Don't miss out on this magical experience!

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Spring Break Kids Camp

March 18-22nd 9AM-12PM

Monday -Friday

$179 ages 4+

Attention all parents and kids! Get ready for an action-packed adventure at our Spring Break Kids Camp! Join us as we celebrate the arrival of spring with a week filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable memories.

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Safari Zoo Week

March 25- March 29

Monday -Friday 9AM-12PM

ages 4+ $179

Calling all young explorers! Get ready for an unforgettable experience at our thrilling Safari Zoo-themed children's camp! Embark on a wild adventure that will ignite your curiosity and love for animals.

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Stuffy Party

March 16th 9-11AM ages 3-6

Attention all kids who love stuffed animals and endless fun! Join us for an unforgettable Stuffy Party where cuddly friends come to life, and the party never ends!

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Disney Day Camp

Join us for an enchanting day at Camp Disney where dreams come true and imagination knows no bounds.

🎉 Camp Highlights:

At Camp Disney, your child will embark on a journey filled with excitement, creativity, and the beloved characters from Disney's magical world. Here's what our camp has to offer:

🌟 Disney-themed Activities: From arts and crafts inspired by classic Disney movies to interactive storytelling sessions, our camp is brimming with Disney-themed activities.

🎢 Adventure and Games: Experience the thrill of Disney-inspired games and challenges. From treasure hunts to themed obstacle courses, our camp ensures that your child stays active, engaged, and filled with Disney magic.

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Superhero Camp

Join us for an action-packed adventure at Superhero Camp, where you'll discover your extraordinary powers, train like a hero, and save the day! Superhero Camp is the ultimate experience for kids who dream of becoming powerful and courageous champions. Here's what awaits your child:

🦸 Hero Training: Learn what it takes to be a true superhero! Our camp offers specialized training sessions where kids will develop their strength, agility, and problem-solving skills. They'll engage in exciting challenges, obstacle courses, and team-building activities to enhance their hero abilities.

🎨 Superhero Crafts: Unleash your creativity with superhero-themed crafts and DIY projects. From designing capes and masks to creating personalized emblems and gadgets, your child will have the chance to craft their own unique superhero identity.

Saturday, May 11


Ages 3-6

Dino Day Camp

Dino Day Camp is a thrilling experience that combines education, exploration, and excitement. Get ready for a roaring good time with these camp highlights:

🦖 Dinosaur Discoveries: Embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs! Through interactive lessons, hands-on activities, and engaging presentations, campers will learn fascinating facts about different dinosaur species, their habitats, and their incredible adaptations.

🌿 Dino Excavation: Channel your inner archaeologist as you participate in a thrilling dino dig! Campers will have the opportunity to unearth fossils, piece together dinosaur skeletons, and learn how scientists study these ancient creatures. It's a chance to experience the thrill of discovery firsthand.

🎨 Dino Arts and Crafts: Unleash your creativity with dino-themed arts and crafts projects. From creating dinosaur masks and fossils to designing your own dinosaur landscapes, your child will have the chance to express their imagination and bring the world of dinosaurs to life and more!


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