Imagine a world where people wake up every morning inspired to grow leaders, deliver excellence, and make a big impact in the world.

That’s what we do, and we need your help.

At East County Performing Arts Center we mentor tomorrow's leaders through the performing arts, we teach life lessons through classes in dance and theater, so they can become great people who are stewards of their community and the people around them, they can make an impact and change the world.

We are looking to hire superstar team members to help ECPAC be a guide to those who choose excellence.

This is not your typical job. Our passionately engaged A-Team works together, with intense collaboration. The culture is fast-paced. We consider our work our “art” and strive for excellence in everything we do.

If inside you’re saying

“Hell Yeah!”

please continue…

Our available positions will expand the IMPACT of the ECPAC brand by going arm-in-arm with our families, community and ECPAC A-Team to create and implement emotionally engaging classes, sales, and customer service through EXCELLENT organization and reliability!

You are the SUPERSTAR we are looking for if…

You are HUNGRY & EAGER to learn, grow & become #BetterEveryDayYou are flexible and resilient when faced with rapid-fire demands on your attention. You are often described as caring and a great listener by your friends and family.You aren’t afraid to voice your own opinions to make something better. You find it easy to empathize with others.You enjoy helping people and meeting their needs in creative ways.You are proactive, forward-thinking, and “think on your feet.”You have high standards for your work. You are a highly motivated self-starter and a quick learner. You have a “figure it out” attitude about any new project or task you haven’t done before.

No day will be the same… You certainly won’t be bored!

We only hire career-minded, long-term employees who have stand-out work ethic and desire to grow. This role is not for a short-term placement or someone not looking to grow inside our company.


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